There are certain ideas you shouldn't introduce into our headspace. Especially considering Ben keeps bringing more bad vodka (actually, he brings expensive vodka, its not his fault most of it is horrid). We did not use his Vodka though, instead bought blue label generic Albertson's "premium" vodka expressly for the experiment. It even says charcoal filtered- well, obviously not enough.

Now on with the science!

We primed our filter in some of the vodka. How foul would it be if our vodka was contaminated with water! I took far too many pictures early on. Obviously, I was not drunk enough.

Again, too many pictures. Too much anticipation! Also, we learned an important lesson: chilled vodka filters much slower than room temperature vodka. Much. It occasionally dripped in our direction. We had one bottle in the freezer, and one out, and filtered them both (some of the chilled vodka was reserved for comparison tests). Also, it appeared to filter faster when it was above the liquid level, so after the first bit filtered it was raised.

And we needed a proper funnel. The science funnel™, a cut off water bottle, allowed precious precious alcohol to escape when we poured it back in the bottle.

The glass thing that is notblue in the forground was our shaker, for chilling the room temperature vodka somewhat.

After 6 filterings (we were aiming for 12, but it went slow and we didn't get started early enough, the 13th filtering being through the drinker), it was time to test our experiment.

Drink! You pansies!

flowers for the dead