Hello. Who, you ask me and all the cute little people in your head, is this strange and weird little person who has deluded herself into thinking she is Delirium, a figment of the imagination of a person she has never met? Well, I answer, or at least one of the people in my head answer, its because I am Delirium, my hair has been every color in the universe at one time or another and I keep changing it, and I have an irrational affection for hot pink and some really bright pretty colors, and I used to be more together once a while ago and I think I used to be happier too, but I'm not sure about that... But I look more like a gothic Delirium lots of times, but if that's what I wanna do, that's what I can do, and you can't do anything about it, nyah nyah. But I still am Delirium, really I am, just ask Death... And besides, I am Delirium, really I am, thbbbbbbbbbt!!! And if you say I'm not, well then, It'll just be time for the invisible bugses crawling all over you. Or I'll make you think that you're talking to people who aren't there, and you can't talk to the people that are there, and the people who aren't there don't like you at all... Ha! And don't think I can't do it too!

Meet My Destruction

Meet My Death