Enter a world of madness, Delirium's world. Poor fractured little Delirium. Her mismatched eyes reflect her ever changing nature. For she was once Delight. Delirium is the youngest of the endless. This may be part of the tragedy of Delirium, to be older than gods, yet the youngest of the Endless. And it is also her tragedy that she was once Delight, but things change and so did she. And perhaps Delirium is truly the most knowledgeable of the Endless, knowing more even than Destiny himself. There are things not written in his book, and Delirium knows them. For is it not true that knowing too much can drive you mad? Death has said we all know everything, we just don't let ourselves know it, perhaps poor Delirium has passed beyond such needs to maintain her sanity. Her short attention span may be due to knowing too much, with it being so hard to stay focused on only one subject. She knows paths outside Destiny's garden, she knows why she stopped being Delight. She knows things we don't want to know.

Meet my Delirium