Oh yes we rant today!

Alright, its come to my attention that a lot of Delirium sites have gotten images from me. And I feel like being a brat about it today and saying, "Hey, those were *mine* to begin with." Its ok to use them. Its even ok to use without credit. I just want to say that I was *first*, I made a bunch of them.

I'll even admit, some of them I didn't make, they didn't start with me, I found them places. Mostly as icons at school, and some of them I did things with, like the dancing Grateful Dead bear, who was colored and animated. But some of them are mine mine all mine, neener neener neener.

This is from a scan from Kindly Ones, and then colored differently (to partly match my hair at the time).
And the small version.
This took me hours and hours and hours to get together, it has 30 or so frames. The frog is from something else that I colored though.
is a few frames taken out and colored of , which I got from a page no longer in existence, but looks like it might have come from here instead anyway.
is from a scanned pic in Kindly Ones that I shrunk down to fit (and it *is* a fish, really it is!!).
is by me, and is too, and is, and is mine, and is mine, and is mine, and is mine all mine.
is another one I did from scratch.
is mine, but I don't really like it.
and and are scans from the books and scaled to fit.
is a combined effort of mine and a friend, there are lots of the same on her page too.
is by me.
is mine.
is another one of mine too.
is also mine.
is all me.
is from a friend's page, so you shouldn't steal it, that wouldn't be nice.
is mine.
and are by the wonderful Tea, and its not polite to steal, you know.
is by 23, so be polite about that one too. Unless you ask first.

The ones that are pretty abviously drawn by me I ask that people not steal, I wouldn't like that at all. And I might have to make the people you're not talking to not like you and the people you are talking to not see you. So if you really really need one of them, you have to ask me nicely first.