ChoCho Pictures: Photography by E. Kurokawa

I've been modelling for Erica for quite a number of years. She usually has a particular shot in mind that she wants, so we'll take a couple of rolls for just the one shot, and I often get to be directed, and posed like a marionette. Sadly, she's lost a box of negatives that included a lot of our shoots over the years, but I still have a selection of a few. Newer photos are presented first, the black and white photos on the third page are from the mid to late 90's. (Unfortunately many of them are very bad scans, as the negatives to them have long since disappeared, but they do show some of the ways in which her style has evolved over the years, not to mention my hair!). Her interest in photography has also led to a career in fashion design, as she now has her own company, ChoCho, which specializes in unusual designs. This page is all photographs for ChoCho (including ChoCho Tees), and the following are various other ventures.

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All photographs © Tasha and E. Kurokawa.