Convergence 9 in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada
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24-28 april 2003

I generally don't take pictures of people, which means there aren't many pictures of actual convergence here. Yeah, yeah, counterproductive, I know. To make up for it, I've grabbed some pictures from some of the people I was there with, Lore, Sean Hexed, and Angeldye. And that way you get pictures of me too, even if they do all look horrid. Take that, ego!

I was designated tourguide too often, people should know better than to expect me to know where I'm going. I get lost on purpose.

Highlights: hanging out with so many cool nifty people, as should happen at Convergence. All in all, good weekend, though I still wasn't as social as I should have been.

I spent too much time wandering around alone, which was my own damn fault really. But I would like to see C's as more social notclubbing things. Like maybe communal lunch/dinner spaces perhaps (even though that would be horrendously difficult with various dietary and monetary restrictions, even with small groups we had issues)- the farwell brunch was really one of the highlights. And less other things to do around, we only ever saw people in pairs walking around, and never did these pairs join and become a bigger group because they were all going different directions and such. A hotel in the middle of nowhere, so we don't have to deal with normals or distractions would be a great retreat- but you know no one would go to it then.

Heaps of thanks and love to the C9 committee.

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