My Page of Little ©'s

In an attempt to placate the raving lawsuit-happy fanatic lawyers that ran rampant, as well as the power-hungry and highly insecure companies, I have made a place where you can find all the marvelously redundant and extraneous information about the things I deem worthy of my humble page. Why there is the necessity to put such information out when I am not doing anything commercial, or patently sinister either, is a mystery to me and a safeguard to the money grubbing, insignificant worms that pass as lawyers working for the big-type peoples liek the oneses below (and I know what I'm talking about here, my mother is one of the last of that dying breed, the honest and non frivolous lawsuit-type people (excuse me, type lawyers, we're not sure if all of them really qualify as people yet, I'm sure some are actually a breed of coackroach, oops! look at what you made me do! that's double brackety thingie, that's baaaaad...), we shall sorely miss them when they are gone and the world will be a darker place), and I hope that maybe from some free advertising they will advertising they will overlook my infringement on their imaginary rights created by a rampant consumer society to own our minds, even though most of the things below are really nifty and cool, and deserve to own your mind (if its worth being owned by anyone, I know some of you out there are most definately not worth it now, are you?). Besides, none of this is for profit or anything, I'm not getting anything out of it, other than to spread the true path. And yes this is terribly random, but TOO BAD, learn to deal. Life is like that.

Sandman, Dream, Death, Delirium, Destiny, Desire, Despair, Destruction, Lucian, Goldie, Matthew, and lots of other things and people I've probably left out, are all © DC Comics, and maybe even Neil Gaiman, although probably not, after all, he is only the genius that created them all and made them what they are today, and are some of the most marvelous things I have ever run across, and you greatly desire to run out and buy every Sandman thing you can get your hands on (shameless plug).

Mr. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Spooky Noodle Boy, Squee, Diva, Senior Diablo, NailBunny, Mr. Eff, Psycho-Doughboy, the thing in the basement, and all Johnny's other personalities, etc. are © Mr. Jhonen Vasquez and Slave Labor Comics, who have more of my respect from the simple standpoint that they are not a big comic company like DC, and are also quite disturbing, thought-provoking, and unneccesarily violent. You'll like them. Trust me. Especially if you yourself have ever had an overwhelming urge to torture and kill all the stupid poeple in the world.

Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, "Kidnap the Santa Claws, put him in a box," and all those other wonderful christmas treats are © Tim Burton Publishing, Inc. or something like that. Tim Burton is a god, well aside from the fact that everything ends up (relatively) normal at the end, and Danny Elfman is too, you like Oingo Boingo, you will buy Oingo Boingo, especially Dead Man's Party and No One Lives Forever, you are getting very sleepy, very very sleepy, and when I snap my fingers you will bok like a chicken...

The Addams Family is © Charles Addams, and now his estate or family or whatever... His estate doesn't like his pretty pictures up though, so I don't have any addamses family things of his since you have to respect them. But Wednesday and Think and Cousin It and the gang are all © his estate.

The Gashly Crumb Tinies, and the pretty credits for Mystery, and the Beastly Baby, and lots of other pretty things, like the cover of one of my weird books are all © Mr. Edward Gorey or something like that, and you should go out and buy all the Amphigoreys because they're very pretty and nice, and I said so and you should listen to me.

The drawrings in the gallery by me are all mine and should not be taken without my permission. You can e-mail me and ask if you really want them, and you'll have to give me some sort of credit somewhere too.

The pretty moving ankhs are from The ShanMonster Page of Delights and Vertical Imagery
A few of the titles in Delirium's Gallery are taken from the Endless Gallery (which has moved or disappeared since I can't find it anymore).
For more stuff on where things came from and taking things off my page, go tothis place.

And if I haven't creditted you and you'd like to be, e-mail me, and I'll add you to my credits, I collected lots of this stuff before I was concerned with a page and where stuff came from...