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D e l i r i u m ' s Page of Links

Links to people I know, and who most likely are embarrassed that they know me...
TashaA very close friend of mine. I know she's embarrassed to know me...
SniperMy favorite Vampire and undead computer person
VixenSanta's morbid elf
BuggyThe Bug in my life and her poetry
DragonA Dragon and a furry (don't ask, you don't want to know...)
MesshyMeeshy's bachelorette pad for cool Cats
Ranma picsAn anime Vampire with lots of Ranma pics...
The Crack Squirrel Goddess(tm)I don't know her, but she goes to my school, and she has a nicey nice page, you wants to go see it NOW, don't you?
DidiYay! Didi's got a page up! Go look, its pretty!
LizzieLiz's Campy Horror Page, yummy stuff
TeaVisit Tea's lovely page. You will love it, or we may have to kill you.
MikeySay hello to Yummy Mummy.


I have been remiss in my linkie-poos recently, so some more pretty ones should be coming soon....

Alice Pictures

And here are people I don't really know, but I'm sure they're embarassed to know me (or not emabarassed not to know me, or something like that, ok, I'll shut up now, my head hurts)

My Secret Elbow starchilde's planet of broken thoughts

a knight in shining armor

More links, to really really fucking cool places I've found on this wild ride...

Principia DiscordiaWords to live by...

Fuck with famous people!Comedy Central

Save the Earth,Church of Euthanasiakill yourself

The lovely nuts of Heaven's GateHeaven's Gate

Dead DinoThe Top 38 Ways to kill Barney

Dolls!Paper dolls for your computer (and I refuse to say anything more on the grounds that it may incriminate me, see for yourself)

Glass Wings, a little bit of everything...Glass Wings

And now, the newsThe Onion

I Felt the Wings of MadnessA loverly site on madness. Its very nice, you should go see. And check out the bit on the family too. And the nice X-Files page.

The deformed frog camDeformed Frog

Stick Figure DeathStick Figure Death Theatre

Feed the Supermodel! Put some meat on those bones!Stuff the Supermodel!

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