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delirium gothpunk Death Here are some pretty pictures I drew of myself and my family. Yep, I drew 'em myself, aren't you proud of me? Aren't they pretty? And isn't my family really cool too? You'd better say yes, or else I'll make icky crawly buggy things be crawling all over you all the time and you can't get them off and I won't get rid of them unless I like you very much, but I won't like you very much because you insulted me and I don't like you anymore....

Due to popular demand (ok, so its only one person, see, signing my guestbook pays!) I am opening a fan art section of my gallery too. If you have pretty pictures of the Endless you would like to show to everyone, send them to in some picture format, preferrably jpeg or gif, but I can see if I can translate it from other things (I should be able to, but I'm paranoid, deal with it).

The fan art section is officially open! Check it out!

And I have some pretty pictures of me dressed up like my big sister too...

Residents of the Dreaming

Me as my sister

Fan Art

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*Please do not take anything here without permission*
*The members of the Endless are DC Comics, don't sue me*
*The pictures and bios of the characters here are me*
All this stuff here is me. Please especially do not take the pictures. Or I might get mad and make thingses crawling all over you that aren't there, and then they might start biting but you can't get rid of them, and they'll have to lock you up in a little tiny room with padded walls to keep you from hurting yourself. If you want to know what here is ok to take, check out my page of stuff that's mine.